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                      SERVICES AVAILABLE

                              REIKI WITH BIOMAT            

                                 30 MINUTES ON BIOMAT       35.00 
                                 30 MINUTES JUST BIOMAT   25.00
                                 60 MINUTES ON BIOMAT       65.00
                                 60 MINUTES JUST BIOMAT   50.00
                                  OPEN TO DOING REIKI CIRCLES

                                   I AM ALSO A COMFORT THERAPIST FOR
                                   HOSPICE PATIENTS YOU CAN SCHEDULE THAT 
                                   WITH ME FOR A LOVED ONE ALSO

                                   I AM ALSO AN ORDAINED MINISTER
                                   I CAN DO WEDDINGS, FUNERALS 
                                   PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO SCHEDULE
                                   FOR THESE SERVICES ALSO



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